Pregnancy Loss. Stillbirth. Infant Death.

“The Lord is close to the broken-hearted.” – Psalms 34:18

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Nothing prepares you for the profound loss of a child; yet every year, 1 in 4 mothers experience pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and infant death. 

Sparrow’s Cry offers Serenity Boxes to mothers who have lost babies, whether recently or many years ago. The items in the boxes are timeless and both memorialize the life of the child and acknowledge the grief of the parents.   
Serenity Boxes comfort and encourage mothers to go through the grieving process and to look to God for strength and acceptance.  

The Serenity Box tends to the grieving mother’s (and even the father’s) heart.  When I received my box a few months after two miscarriages/losses, a wave of emotions hit me.  Not only was I seen, my babies were seen.  I had tangible items to hold while I thought of my babies.  I smiled and cried and grieved and acknowledged their short lives and the short time I had to carry them.  The items in the box helped me on my healing journey and helped to address different stages of the grieving process.  Serenity Boxes encourage every mother who has endured loss that it is ok, as well as necessary, to grieve and to acknowledge your babies and that there  is healing in the process.”


I received a basket similar to a Serenity Box more than 15 years following three early miscarriages and two failed adoptions.  Because my pregnancy losses were so early and the babies I lost through adoption weren’t biological, no one had ever acknowledged my babies existed or that I was justified in grieving, so I pushed the pain back and tried to forget.  The basket I received showed me there were other women who understood and gave me permission to grieve.  I held the blanket as I cried and felt connected with my babies in heaven.  Then, I was able to heal and find the strength in Him to help others.”  -Lori 

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Sparrow’s Cry…offering God’s comfort, hope and strength to families of babies lost during pregnancy or due to stillbirth or infant death.